Sustainable Options


Weeds are a fact of life.  “Superweeds” have evolved from the decades of overuse of toxic herbicides.  But using ever more dangerous chemicals that poison the soil, killing nutrients and life forms beneath the surface, and that run off into our waterways and find their ways to our aquifers.

Here are some good ideas for more sustainable farming methods and weed control.

For Residential, Municipal and Small Garden Weed Control:

For Large Scale Farming Weed Control Methods:

For More Sustainable Methods:

 VIDEO:  The Truth About America’s Meat Industry – centralized commodified industrialized production of food is a major fail with unintended consequences.  A Georgia farmer who rejects the “modern” methods shares his insights.  Food Forward, Dec. 2012.

YOU CAN ADVOCATE FOR MORE ORGANIC FOOD OPTIONS in your own grocery stores by simply talking one-on-one with your Produce Department Manager.


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