Resolutions & Petitions

WILPF US has adopted a RESOLUTION that authorized our CAMPAIGN (The Human Right To Health & Safe Food).

You can read it HERE.

WILPF US has also submitted an INTERNATIONAL RESOLUTION to be considered at the International Congress in The Hague, April 2015.    You can read it HERE.

This resolution seeks to gain international collaboration between WILPF sections to work on this campaign across nations.

As of April, 2015, International WILPF has ADOPTED this Resolution!  Yay!!

PETITIONS that the public can sign on to regarding these issues will appear below:

Beyond Pesticides’ Petition is HERE.

Organic Consumers Association’s Petition is HERE. 

Feed The World invites you to sign on to their Glyphosate Bill of Rights for Women & Children, HERE.

Facebook Petition To Ban Roundup is HERE.

Facebook Petition To Demand The Right To Know What’s In Your Food & Where It Comes From is HERE.

Center for Food Safety – Petition Against Spraying in Hawaii is HERE.


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