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Thousands of articles are published about the inherent dangers of toxic herbicides to people, soil, water and food safety, and the lack of oversight by governmental regulatory agencies.

Here are some to Learn More About It!


WILPF does not confirm that all of these studies and articles are accurate.

This list is meant to provide an overall awareness of the kinds of statements being made by scientists about Glyphosate and other toxic chemicals used on our food, in order to open the dialogue and make the public aware of the controversy.

In doing so we want to point towards the strategic alliance between

    • BIG AG (using power and influence to put profits ahead of sustainability, using power and influence to OWN the patents and seeds the world relies on for food),
    • BIG PHARMA (drug & chemical corporations which stand to gain much by continually developing new medicines and treatements for ills that may be caused by the way we eat today),
    • BIG OIL (producing the foundations for much of these chemicals) and
    • BIG FOOD (limiting the choices of Americans by consolidating ownership of distribution channels and campaigning aggressively to prohibit GMO labeling and to keep the status quo in place without regard to safety and future impact for the environment, clean water, soil nutients and biodiversity.

Articles About Round Up & Glyphosate

Misclassification of Glyphosate as Group 2A.  US News & World Report, March 20, 2015.

France’s take on the WHO Report.  Paris (AFP): WHO sees Risk in Five Pesticides.
London’s take on the WHO Report.  London: Cancerous Weed Killer?
March 20, 2015.

THE TOXIC REMNANTS OF WAR:  The War On Drugs In Colombia and the Health Impact of Years of Spraying Roundup. Toxics Blog, Doug Weir, March 23, 2015.

Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World’s Top Selling Weed-Killer, Scientist Says.  Lucia Graves for Huffington Post.  June 24, 2011.

Roundup & Birth Defects: Is the World Being Kept In The Dark?  Green Med Information Article.  July 25, 2013.

Monsanto’s Greatest Secret:  Roundup’s Effect On The Fetus.  Green Med Information.  May 17, 2014. Dr. Kelly Brogan.

Exposing Monsanto:  Herbicide Linked To Birth Defects.  The Vitamin A Connection.  July 28, 2014.  Dr. Jeff Ritterman.  Truthout Article.

Roundup & Glyphosate Toxicity have been Grossly Underestimated.  Dr. Anthony Mercola.  July, 2013.

Diane Rehm Program on the Dangers of Roundup and 2-4-D.   February, 2014.

Monsanto Ordered To Pay Damages to West Virginia Town.  Earth We Are One Article.  2014.

Monsanto Poisoning Argentina?  Overgrow The System Article,, Video & Photo Essay.

YOU TUBE VIDEO:  The Impact of Toxins On The Developing Brain.  Canadian Environmental Health Atlas.

VIDEO:  Dr. Huber Explains Science Behind New Organism and Threat From Monsanto’s Roundup, GMOs to Disease and Infertility (in livestock).   (19 minutes)   Food & Water Watch.

Articles about GMOs.

Goats Fed GM Soybeans Produce Abnormal Milk, Reduced Birth Weights.  by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, 
Prof. Joe Cummins , Prof. Peter Saunders, and Eva Sirinathinghji.   March 16, 2015.

What’s The Big Deal About GMOs, by Kenneth G. Eade.  September 2014.

Syngenta Charged With Covering Up Livestock Deaths on GMO Corn.  Institute of Science In Society. June, 2012

USDA Greenlights Yet Another Monsanto GMO Crop.  Wenonah Hauter. EcoWatch.  January, 2015.

Farmers and NGOs Condemn USDA Approval of GMO Crops.  EcoWatch, January, 2015.

Limits Sought On GMO Corn As Pest Resistance Grows.  Jacob Bunge,Wall Street Journal March 5, 2015.

Monsanto Scientist Dismissed from Editing Scientific Journal.  Natural Society website.

Articles about Other Toxins Even Worse Than Glyphosate About To Be Released.

EPA Announces Enlist DUO (Glyphosate combined with 2-4-D “Agent Orange”) Is Safe.  EPA Announcement.   (no independent tests conducted to assure safety)  October 15, 2014.

2-4-D To Lead To Wave Of Pesticides Coming Off The Bench.  Organic Consumers Association (OCA) Article.

What Is Enlist DUO? (Agent Orange Herbicide produced by Dow Chemical).  Registration at EPA- October, 2014.

Organic Consumers Condemns USDA Approval of Dow’s Enlist-Branch GMO Corn and Soy Crops.  OCA Article.

Cancer Concerns Over Pesticides Found In The Air.  The California website.

Approval of 2-4-D Tolerant Crops Speeds Up Agrichemical Treadmill.   Food & Water Watch Article.

USDA Grants Approval to Dow’s ENLIST GMO Corn & Soybeans.  Reuters News Service

Going Backwards:  Dow’s 2-4-D Resistant Crops and a More Toxic Future.  Center for Food Safety Article.

“Agent Orange Corn”: The Next Step In The Chemical Arms Race. Center for Food Safety Article.  Includes definition of Genetically Modified (GMO) Crops.

PETITION to stop Dow’s Agent Orange Crops.   Sign the petition, watch an amusing video.  Learn more! Center for Food Safety and Dow Watch Article.

 USDA’s Greenlighting of Agent Orange Crops Sparks Condemnation.  Common Dreams Article.

Pesticide Action Network PETITION to Contact the EPA about Brain Damaging Chlorpyrifos. 

Articles About SUPERWEEDS

VIDEO: What Are “SUPERWEEDS”? – ( 3 min. 18 sec.) from Food & Water Watch.

Herbicide Resistant Superweeds Plaguing Farmers.  US News & World Report.  Oct. 2012.

Superweeds Linked to Rising Use of Herbicides.  Science Daily, October, 2012.

Superweeds Confirm Failure of GMOs – Genetic Literacy Project.                                 This article is useful for background information but seriously confuses the issue of GMO Seeds and Herbicides.

New Study Confirms GMOs Causing More Pesticide Use & Superweeds.  Lisa Garber, Natural Society, 2012.

Understanding Organic Agriculture: An Interview with Fred Kirschenmann, a Fellow of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  December, 2014.  Ken Roseboro.  Organic & Non-GMO Report.

What Do Trade Agreements Have To Do With Seed Policy and Food Safety?

High Risk GMOs Set To Benefit From EU-US Trade Deal.  Sustainable Pulse, Jan. 2014.

Debate Intensifies Over GMO Food Imports From The US.  Voice of America. Oct. 2013.

From Dumping To Volatility:  The Lessons of Trade Liberalization for Agriculture.  September, 2013.  The Institutute for Agriculture & Trade Policy (IATP).

Closing the Gate On GMOs And The Criminal Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement.  Julian Rose, Farm Wars 2014

CREDO PETITION:  Tell FDA To Ban Toxic Ractopamine in Pork. 

University of Texas study suggests nutrient decline in garden crops over past 50 years.  Dr. Donald Davis, University of Texas at Austin.  2004.

 VIDEO:  The Truth About America’s Meat Industry – centralized commodified industrialized production of food is a major fail with unintended consequences.  A farmer who rejects the “modern” methods shares his insights.  Food Forward, Dec. 2012.

Making It Illegal To Save Seeds.

Farmers have saved seeds from one crop to the next to replant for eons.  There is safety in keeping seeds, as well as economy.  Seeds have traditionally carried within them the spark of life that can reproduce new plants.  But Monsanto’s “Terminator Seeds” are designed to carry the spark of life only for one crop season.  These new patented seeds  are unable to be saved and replanted, guaranteeing that farmers will buy seeds year after year.  Where are the ‘pro-life’ voices objecting to this form of life-killing food crop seed?  Instead Monsanto has paid big money to make saving seeds illegal in America and other countries.  

Monsanto Behind Legislation That Would Police Rural Communities and Intimindate Seed-Saving Farmers , Rural Advancement Foundation International.   March, 1999.  About Ohio, this policy is now being pushed in every state and many countries.  Monsanto has even been able to link the exclusive sale of terminator seeds to trade agreements, world bank loans and foreign aid packages.  So much for the ‘myth’ of a free market.

Seeds Of Suicide:  How Monsanto Destroys Farming.  Vandana Shiva for Global Research.  March, 2013.

Rising Suicide Rates for Indian Farmer Suicides Blamed on GMO Seeds.  RT News, Nov. 2014.

HERE are Scientific Studies about Glyphosate & GMOs, 

More In-Depth Study: Check Out Our BOOKS LIST.


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