Order Pre-Printed Infographic Cards

Human Right to Health & Safe Food Campaign Infographic Cards can be ordered pre-printed and ready to distribute at Farmer’s Markets, Food Co-Ops, Health Expos, Retail Distributors of Toxic Herbicides, or as leave-behinds for visiting with City Officials, City Council, Legislators, Members of Congress, or Farmers who might consider transitioning to more sustainable weed control methods.

HealthSafeFood_Infographic-front       HealthSafeFood_Infographic-back


Side 1                                             Side 2

WILPF US has already incurred the printing costs, and by taking advantage of a large volume discount we can make these cards available to anyone who orders them.  The bulk orders and costs are below.  Per card price is 13 cents each, although we will only offer them in the quantities listed.

Finding a local printer who will charge less to print a 4-color, 2-sided card on card stock in a small (under 200) quantity for this good price would be difficult.     Shipping and handling costs will be added.


     Bundle of 100         $  4.00   $13.00 + $4.00 =         $ 17
     Bundle of 250         $  7.00   $32.50 + $7.00 =      $ 39.50
     Bundle of 500         $  8.00   $65.00 + $8.00 =      $ 73.00
     Bundle of 1000         $ 12.00   $130 + $12.00 =    $ 142.00
     Bundle of 1500         $ 18.00   $195 + $18.00=    $ 213.00
     Bundle of 2000         $ 23.00      $260 + $23 =    $ 283.00


Send your check for the total amount to: WILPF US HRTH Campaign, 4102 Shoal Green Court, Winter Haven, FL  33884

Make check out to:  Marybeth Gardam.    (Ms Gardam is the Campaign Treasurer and shipping agent.)  

Please specify the NUMBER of cards you wish, the mailing address to which to send them, and be sure to include your signed check.

Unfortunately we are not able to take credit card orders for these cards.

Please note, these checks are NOT tax-deductible.  WILPF is a 501(c)4 organization.

WILPF is not selling these cards but merely distributing them at cost.  No markup is added.


2 thoughts on “Order Pre-Printed Infographic Cards

    • Anne, the link is right on the side menu.
      Where it says Download Printable Inforgraphic Cards.

      Thanks for your order. You should have received them by now.



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