Find Allies In Your Area

You Are Not Alone!  

There are a lot of organizations working on the issues of clean water, GMO labeling, toxic pesticides, safe food and public health.

Here are some of them.   Look around to see which ones have a presence in your community and contact them.  Let them know you want to work with them, to coordinate action and volunteer.  Please let them  know you are working with the WILPF Human Right To Health & Safe Food Campaign.


Organic Consumers Association  –

Food Democracy Now –

Pesticide Action Network  –

Physicians For Social Responsibility  –

Millions Against Monsanto  –

Beyond Pesticides  –

Food & Water Watch  –

Friends of the Earth  –

American Farmland Trust  –

Center for Science in the Public Interest  –

Natural Resources Defense Council  –

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy  –

Farmer to Consumer Legal Defense Fund  –

Lymphoma Foundation of America  –

National Catholic Rural Life Conference  –

Sierra Club  –

Union of Concerned Scientists  –

Waterkeeper Alliance  –

The Institute for Responsible Technology  –

The National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association  –

National Organic Coalition  –

Young Farmers  –

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition  –

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Coalition  –

Rodale Institute  –

WILPF Earth Democracy Issue Committee  –





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