Create a Letter-Writing Campaign In Your Area

Letters still have impact on the public and government officials.


SET UP LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN TABLES AT EXISTING EVENTS – Make some copies of the sample letters listed below and make them available at Farmer’s Markets, Gardening Events, Food Co-Ops, Health Expos, anyplace community members gather.  Be sure and get permission from event organizers to ask attendees to take time to write letters.  Bring along extra paper and pens.  And a signup sheet so you can keep track of folks who are interested in the issue.

HOLD YOUR OWN EVENTS TO GATHER FOLKS – You can gather folks for the purpose by inviting a speaker, promoting a book study, showing a film or getting people together to discuss environmental health matters.   While they are there, direct them to a table where you offer copies of sample letters and ask folks to write their own.

Be prepared to either mail the letters yourself or provide addressed envelopes so folks can just add a stamp!

Here are some SAMPLE LETTERS you can use to spread the word and advocate for a safer more sustainable method of weed control.

Letter to The Editor  (be sure to check the accepted word count for your newspaper).

Letter to the USDA regarding Glyphosate

Letter to the USDA regarding Enlist DUO

Letter to the EPA regarding Glyphosate

Letter to the EPA regarding Enlist DUO

Letter to Monsanto

Letter to Retail Distributors of Glyphosate Products

Letter to Local Farmers

Letter to Local Municipal Groundskeepers

Letter to Legislators

Letter to Members of Congress

Letter to Local Produce Managers at Your Supermarket



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