About Human Right To Health Campaign

THE HUMAN RIGHT TO HEALTH & SAFE FOOD is a collaborative project of the Earth Democracy National Issue Committee and the Corporations v Democracy National Issue Committee of  the United States Section of Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom.



Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) is turning 100 this year.  Our organization was founded in 1915 by Jane Addams and several other brave American women who traveled to The Hague in a dangerous time, when women did not travel routinely on their own, in order to try to prevent World War I.  The “women in big hats”, as they were known, met with women from many other countries and developed a plan for peace that eventually formed the foundation of the League of Nations through President Wilson.
Although they failed to stop WWI, WILPF has been addressing the root causes of war and the unique role of women in peacekeeping and conflict resolution throughout the last 100 years.  It was our organization, and our ‘standing’ at the United Nations, which raised the Commission on the Status of Women in 1948 and continues to work for it’s confirmation.

                          American delegates to the First Peace Conference at the Hague, 1915.

Jane Addams was a heroic figure in American Progressivism.  She established the Hull House in Chicago and is acknowledged as the founder of social work in America.
A tireless activist, she co-founded many important Progressive groups in the US.   She noted that if women were to be responsible for cleaning up their communities and making them good places to live, they needed to be able to vote.  So Voting Rights for women was just the beginning of WILPF’s work on women’s rights and human rights.
You can find out more about WILPF HERE. 
We are planning several events across the country to mark this milestone in our history.   We hope you will check to see if there is one near you, so you can join us.   Check HERE for more information.
Here are more websites for you to visit to learn about WILPF’s history and our work today on important issues.  We are committed to raising voices of women around peace tables, working on human rights issues, the environment, disarmament and peaceful resolution of conflicts, and radical participatory democracy.
WILPF US SECTION:  www.wilpfus.org
WOMEN’s POWER TO STOP WAR:  www.womenstopwar.org
           HOME PAGE:  http://www.wilpfinternational.org/



Consider JOINING US.   Here is a list of our branch locations!
If we don’t have a branch near you, consider starting a NEW BRANCH.  We’re here to help!
Contact us HERE to find out how!
Or just DONATE to our work, we can use your support!



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