Educate & Organize for a Safer, Healthier Future.


The Human Right To Health & Safe Food is a National Campaign of WILPF-US SectionWomen’s International League for Peace & Freedom (   It is designed to facilitate community education and activism, to inform the public about the dangers of toxic herbicides being used indiscriminately on food crops throughout the United States of America.

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Check out Feed The World’s video documentary trailer:  HERE.


“Glyphosate = Probable Carcinogen”

Click HERE to read about The World Health Organization’s description of Glyphosate as “probably carinogenic to humans”!    


Toxic herbicide GLYPHOSATE, an active ingredient in Roundup, has been found in the breast milk of nursing mothers and in urine collected from people living far from the sites where Roundup is applied to crops.

This means that it is IN OUR FOOD supply, on food crops, in processed foods of all kinds, including pediatric and feeding supplements for the most vulnerable children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems.   Monsanto tells us that Glyphosate does not accumulate in our bodies, but the research being conducted does not back up their statements.   Only organically grown, Non GMO (genetically modified) food and food products are free from glyphosate and other toxic herbicides.

How dangerous is GLYPHOSATE?   There is no conclusive evidence that shows causality, BUT Glyphosate has been linked in studies throughout the world with serious and life-threatening birth defects, kidney disease, cancers, and it has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor.  These research papers are rejected by Monsanto as unsound science. But following the Precautionary Principle, a growing number of European and other nations have banned GMO crops and crops sprayed with Glyphosate.


Why aren’t our government agencies, the US Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, protecting ordinary Americans from these dangerous chemicals?

Why do farmers continue to use these dangerous chemicals?

Why does mainstream media not report on these dangers?

This website is aimed at educating the public about the dangers of these unsustainable methods of farming and weed control and toxic chemicals being approved by our government with NO independent testing.  That’s right.  The USDA and EPA do not do their OWN independent testing of these chemicals and crops.  Instead they rely on Monsanto and other extremely profitable transnational corporations to conduct all tests for safety.  We believe this is wrong and dangerous and bends science to the service of corporate profits.

WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?  Use this website to

We’re here to help.   Contact us at


4 thoughts on “Educate & Organize for a Safer, Healthier Future.

  1. Some mention should be made of the nefarious policy of spraying glyphosate in Colombia to eradicate the coca plant, as documented in the WILPF video “Courageous Women of Colombia” that I made in 1998.

    “Fumigation of crops has operated in Colombia, with heavy U.S. support, since 1994. Aircraft, mostly piloted by contractor personnel, fly over coca-growing zones spraying “Round-Up Ultra,” an herbicide including the active ingredient glyphosate, over about 100,000 hectares per year of Colombian territory.” See more at
    Robin Lloyd

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for that update Mary.
        He probably took flack from the government and corporate puppets, but I’m sure the PEOPLE of Colombia would be behind his ban!
        In most nations now (including ours) corporate and government entangled alliances put profits (corporate and individual) above what’s best for the common people. That means selling out our food security and our health for profiteering ruling elites.


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